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  1. 18, Verizon Employee

    My girlfriend and I had been having an argument about my returning her car late. At one point, she slapped me in the face, and when I tried to hold my hands up in defense, I accidentally pushed her back, causing her to trip and fall.

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  2. 63, Emergency Evacuation Executive

    Having worked as an emergency transportation coordinator, I have experience in looking into the future and scanning the horizon for any problems that might arise out of a given emergency situation.

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  3. 33, Electrical Employee, His 27 Year Old
    Wife, Sandra, and Infant Daughter

    When my daughter was born brain damaged with cerebral palsy and with a low Apgar score, we knew something had gone wrong in the delivery room. I thus decided to seek legal counsel...

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  4. 51, Real Estate Broker

    One of the most memorable aspects of working with Michael Gunzburg, P.C. on my medical malpractice case was the frequency and level of communication he maintained with me. We spoke very often over the phone and by e-mail, and he quickly and ably answered whatever questions I had.

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  5. 29, Installer of High End Audio Equipment

    I found myself lying in a pool of blood in front of the NY Public Library on 5th Avenue surrounded by a group of people. Slowly, everything came back to me in a terrifying realization: I had been nearly killed when a Transit Bus almost ran me over.

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  6. 36, Construction Worker

    When working construction jobs, you resign yourself even partially to the fact that anything can happen at the job site. All you can do is hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Even then, no matter what you do, you can never really anticipate what life is going to throw at you.

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  7. 32, 5 Months Pregnant Mother with First Child

    Being informed for the first time that you have breast cancer is scary for anyone, man or woman. But when I found out that I had breast cancer, I was five months pregnant and told that I needed both a mastectomy and chemotherapy. I was terrified for myself, and for my unborn baby boy.

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  8. 33.Owner of Several Shipping Stores

    After I slipped on an unmarked wet floor, injured my knee, and underwent various repair surgeries, I thought that my case was easy to understand and should, therefore, require little effort to win from my lawyers and me.

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  9. 53 Deli Manager and
    Her Husband Fausto, A Bus Driver

    When my wife got into a car accident, I thought that was bad enough. But watching her struggle through her recovery was even worse. She just wasn't the same person afterwards.

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  10. 35 year old mother and
    her 2 ½ year old daughter

    Early childhood is a beautiful time, but it can also be fragile. I found this out when my 2-year-old daughter tripped, fell, and broke her leg on an exposed water drainage hole...

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  11. 41, Factory Worker

    I had pain in my lower abdomen and my doctor told me it was a tumor that could be cancer. It needed to be removed. That much I knew. I was worried. But I had to have the surgery. I love my family, and I didn’t want to leave them. I had to get rid of it.

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New York City Personal Injury Lawyer

At the New York City personal injury law firm of Michael Gunzburg, P.C., we are different from many law firms in that we limit our caseload to a select group of matters.

Many New York City personal injury attorneys take on hundreds, if not thousands, of cases all at the same time. With so many cases, and not enough time and resources to handle them, something has to give. Usually, it's your case.

This philosophy of limiting our caseload sets us apart and permits us to focus our valuable time, financial resources and our attention on securing you the maximum recovery available.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are compassionate with our clients dealing with personal injury cases:

Consult A Compassionate Accident Lawyer

We are passionate about what we do, and we are compassionate with our clients. We know that being injured, out of work, in pain, and undergoing surgeries and physical therapy can take a tremendous toll on you, your family and your marriage. We tell our clients to focus on their recovery while we focus on their case.

Let our clients tell you why they love us.

We have close professional relationships with our clients as we communicate frequently as their case develops over time. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients actively involved in their case every step of the way. As Manhattan accident lawyers, also serving Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, we stand with you all the way to the end of your case.

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For personalized, efficient NY legal representation throughout Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, call 646-569-9663 or 800-481-3154 to schedule a free initial consultation or submit your information and questions online.

Unlike many other law firms

that have a large number of cases, we limit our practice to just a handful of complex matters involving serious injuries. We carefully review, select, and analyze each matter undertaken in an effort to maximize the potential outcome for your case. With only a limited number of cases, our hard work, valuable time and financial resources are channeled directly into your matter. Read our clients’ testimonials ►

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