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Why hire us? We have 27 years of extensive battle tested litigation experience and knowledge with a proven track record of successful multi-million verdicts and settlements.

Michael Gunzburg, P.C. has a reputation for giving their clients outstanding personal service, regularly communicating with their clients, and having a proven track record of success. Our philosophy is simple, we prepare every case as if it will be presented to a jury at trial, even though it may be settled. We also have extensive experience handling cases throughout the litigation process, and presenting cases to juries and taking jury verdicts. We have handled hundreds, if not thousands of litigation matters in court, understand the court process, and what it takes to successfully represent you. With 27 years of extensive litigation and battle tested experience, we have decades of experience with a proven-track record of successful verdicts and settlements.

We are also passionate about what we do, and we are compassionate with our clients who are dealing with personal injury cases, including:

We know that being injured, out of work, in pain, and undergoing surgeries and physical therapy can take a tremendous toll on you, your family and your marriage. We tell our clients to focus on their recovery while we focus on their case. We also help clients understand their rights to medical coverage, and their available options under No Fault and their other coverage options.

Let our clients tell you why they love us.

We have close professional relationships with our clients as we communicate frequently as their case develops over time. We pride ourselves on keeping our clients actively involved in their case every step of the way and working with them on their case. As New York City accident lawyers, New York City medical malpractice lawyers, and New York City commercial litigators we also serve the Tri-State area including Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties and we stand with you throughout the litigation all the way to the end of your case.

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Unlike many other law firms

that have a large number of cases, we limit our practice to just a handful of complex matters involving serious injuries. We carefully review, select, and analyze each matter undertaken in an effort to maximize the potential outcome for your case. With only a limited number of cases, our hard work, valuable time and financial resources are channeled directly into your matter. Read our clients’ testimonials


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