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Josephina’s Client Review

When my wife got into a car accident, I thought that was bad enough. But watching her struggle through her recovery was even worse. She just wasn’t the same person afterward. As a result of her physical injuries, she was forced to undergo multiple surgeries, procedures which limited her already compromised mobility. She couldn’t go to work, do her household chores, or engage in her normal social activities. These are things she loved to do. Soon after the accident, she grappled with night terrors, panic attacks, and insomnia. Then she fell into a deep depression, and even became suicidal. She was taking several medications a day and going to physical therapy. She also received psychiatric counseling several times a week. Our relationship began to suffer, and she withdrew from me, our family, and our friends. Worst of all, we had no idea how we were going to get our lives back.

Fortunately, during her recovery, our lawyer referred us to MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C. . At first, we were scared, as we never had a lawsuit before this one, and we were both born in the “old country.” But when we went to MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., he made everything very simple for us to understand.

From the moment we met him, we felt comfortable with MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C. and trusted him with our case. He came to our home and spent the time needed to properly prepare us and the case for trial. He explained everything to us, including our chances of winning and losing. He was very sympathetic to our situation and never tried to mislead us or give us false hopes. He gave us his honest assessment on where our case stood, where we were going, and how he was going to get us there. Looking back, it was his honesty that was one of the most reassuring parts of the entire process.

When we went to court, we were initially terrified. But after the first day in trial, we waited everyday in anticipation as to what the next day was going to bring. The trial was like what you see on TV, but even more exciting. MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C. made a harrowing experience a lot less stressful and really championed our case into a multi-million dollar jury verdict. The most important thing to us is that my wife got her life back. That to me was worth it all. In reviewing our time together, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience with MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C. He is a very special person to us, and we were glad he represented us in this case. We strongly recommend him to you.

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