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MTA allegedly uses secret clean up crews to cover up accidents: NY Post July 15, 2017 – Michael Gunzburg discusses bus cover up.

The Truth About Hazing: PIX 11 News September 24th, 2014 – Michael Gunzburg discusses hazing.

PREMISES LIABILITY: New York City Trip and Fall Accident – At about 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 1, 2009, plaintiff Jeffrey, a 63-year-old emergency transportation coordinator, was walking along Bleecker Street near its intersection with Christopher Street in Manhattan when he was caused to trip and fall on a 6-inch step protruding some 38 inches from property owned by Owner wherein he sustained injuries of the right dominant shoulder.

Bus passenger claimed New York City TA driver ignored her after she fell – On the night of Oct. 25, 2008, plaintiff Betty, 44, a pediatrician, was aboard New York City Transit Authority bus, running Bronx-bound on the Q44 route when she allegedly fell to the floor of the main aisle as the bus took off suddenly, violently and without warning after picking up several new passengers including the plaintiff at the Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard bus stop in the Jamaica section of Queens. Betty, who was standing at the time of the accident and claimed she lost her grip on the vertical pole she was holding when the bus violently lurched forward, was treated for a torn meniscus in her right knee following the accident.

OB/GYN accused of mistaking cancer for yeast infection – On Aug. 15, 2007, plaintiff Client, 51, a real estate broker, was evaluated by gynecologist Dr. P after complaining of a lesion and irritation to her right vulva. Client had never before treated with Dr. P, but Dr. P was affiliated with a practice group whose OB/GYNs had previously treated Client. Dr. P’s notes from the visit reflect observations of raised lesions on the right labia. A speculum examination, smear test and yeast culture were performed, but no biopsy was taken. Dr. P’s ultimate diagnosis was yeast infection, and he prescribed anti-fungal cream.

Nassau Jury Awards 54 Year Old Women Rear Ended In Van Collision With Upper, Lower Back And Knee Injuries $1.3M – The jury comes back on the issue of causation and a serious injury under the No Fault law in favor of the plaintiff within 20 minutes, and then goes on to award her a seven figure damages award on a Friday afternoon in the summer.

$250,000 settlement for 18 year African American Male – Two police officers forced him to the ground and repeatedly struck him in the face and nose while he was lying with his stomach on the ground and his hands handcuffed behind his back. As a result of the incident, he was unlawfully arrested and incarcerated, sustained multiple comminuted broken bones to his nose which required surgical repair and future plastic surgery to correct the permanent deformities. This case involved police brutality, excessive force and false arrest claims and was settled before trial.

New York County Jury Awards $2.3Million To 33 Year Old Who Slipped and Fell – The plaintiff struck a wet soapy swirl with his foot which caused him to slip and fall violently to the ground striking his right knee. According to both the plaintiff and his girlfriend there were no caution signs or barriers up in the area. The plaintiff testified that it felt like someone took a sledge hammer and struck him in the right knee and that his pain level was an 11 out of 10..

New York Jury awards Bicyclist Almost Crushed by New York City Transit Authority Bus over $1,000,000 at trial – To avert being crushed by the bus, the plaintiff moving around 20-25 mph, tried to jump the curb but came crashing down onto the cement sidewalk onto his right dominant arm and sustained high impact fractures.

Staten Island Ferry Crashes Into Pier, Dozens Injured – Mechanical failure caused a Staten Island ferry to crash into the St. George terminal pier, police, fire and Coast Guard officials said. Thirty-seven people were injured.

New York City Paid more Than $560M To Settle Claims – New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. today reported that New York City paid $567.9 million in settlements and judgments for personal injury.

Brooklyn Family Sues Hospital for Dad’s Death – A Brooklyn man suffered from a heart attack while at Maimonides Medical Center in 2008 where the hospital staff’s lack of treatment was claimed to be the reason for the 52-year-olds death, announced New York Daily News.

Crash Landing of US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River – The pilot’s first distress call mentioned a “bird strike” in which a bird, or sometimes flock of birds, are sucked into the airplane itself, causing massive engines problems.

City Worker Crushed to Death at Sewage Plant in Brooklyn – A New York City wastewater treatment plant worker was killed when a conveyor belt collapsed and crushed him on Friday.

Crane Collapse – Grand Jury Indicts Contractor – A contractor has been indicted with manslaughter by a grand jury for the construction site crane collapse that killed six workers and one woman from Florida in the spring of 2008.

Liverpool Man Accused of Sex Abuse; Possessing Child Porn – A Liverpool, New York man has been arrested by New York State Police for allegedly possessing child pornography. He also faces an arrest warrant in the state of Pennsylvania.

Victim of Alleged Sex Abuse at Nursing Home Still at Strong – A female resident of Shore Winds nursing home is being held at Strong Hospital for her own personal safety after a claim of sexual abuse was raised against Shore Winds and a male employee.

One Taken to Hospital after 390 Accident – A driver lost control of her car early in January going through a work zone on 390 in Avon and slammed into the back of a New York State Department of Transportation truck and had to be transported to Strong Hospital.

Freezing Rain Causes Accidents and Closes Schools – Freezing rain caused a slew of accidents in the Buffalo, New York area on the morning of January 7, 2009 and one of those accidents injured a police officer, who was taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Hormone Therapy May Cut Colorectal Cancer Risk – A new study released by the American Association for Cancer Research in the latest issue of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, details that hormone replacement therapy could reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Murray, Senate Democrats Call on Labor Secretary to Protect Workers with Crane and Worker Fall Standards – With crane and worker deaths on the rise, Senators call on Labor Secretary to immediately issue a safety standard for cranes and to fully enforce existing standards for falls.

DOI Arrests DOB Crane Inspector for Falsifying Inspection Route Sheet – Inspector Allegedly Falsely Claimed he Inspected East 51st Crane on March 4, 2008.

Five Year Old Killed After Fall Down Elevator Shaft – On Tuesday, August 19, 2008 a 5 year old boy fell down an elevator shaft at a Brooklyn apartment house.

Tougher Laws Passed due to Fatal Crane Accidents – The Governor of New York has recently signed a law that will increase the criminal and civil penalties for inspectors of cranes used for construction who falsify the reports.

New York City Crane Accident May 30Another report of a New York City crane accident on Friday May 30. A 200 foot construction crane accident in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

A 25 year old window installer, Kevin Kelly of Queens, New York, fell 9 stories to his death today after a ceiling strap attached to his safety harness broke – The fatal accident occurred at 67th Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan at the Laurel Condominium. According to news accounts.

New York Distributor Keystone Manufacturing Co. and QVC Recall Convection Ovens with Rotisserie Due to Fire and Electrical Shock Hazards – QVC has received 49 reports of incidents, including five minor burns, five electrical shocks and 11 incidents of minor property damage to kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Three New York Residence Staged Accident Participants Plead Guilty – They each filed a personal injury claim in which they falsely stated that they were injured as a result of automobile accidents in Western New York.

In New York, Motor Vehicles Are the Leading Cause of Preventable Child Deaths – One-fourth of New York City’s fatal child injuries involved motor vehicles – the leading cause of child-injury deaths both locally and nationally.

New York City’s Child Injury Death Rate Is Half The National Rate -While children in New York City are seven times less likely to die as car passengers, motor vehicles remain the leading cause of accidental child deaths in New York City.

State Health Commissioner Advises Caution When Swimming – Drowning is a leading cause of injury and death among children under age 5. Always swim with a friend and make sure children are supervised by an adult.

NTSB Determines Pilot’s Maneuvering Error Caused 2006 New Delhi Express Accident In New York Harbor – This accident could have been prevented if previously issued safety recommendations regarding bridge resource management had been implemented.

NTSB Releases Factual Reports On Manhattan Cirrus Crash – As part of its continuing investigation into an accident involving a small plane that crashed into an apartment building in New York City last October.

Composix Kugel Mesh Patch Recall – The Kugel Mesh Hernia patch has been issued an extended notification by the FDA due to its recall.

Hospital Resident Awareness – No one knows when an injury or illness will strike. But for anyone planning surgery, it might be prudent to steer clear of any teaching hospitals in July.

Contractors Plead Guilty to Federal Charges in Connection with Brooklyn Scaffold Collapse – Contractor and owner of Metla Construction, Inc., pleaded guilty to causing the death of a worker by failing to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

E. Coli O157 Infections Associated with Taco Bell Restaurants in Northeast – Outbreak of E. coli O157 infection in consumers associated with eating food from several Taco Bell restaurants in Northeastern states.

Licensed Practical Nurse Admits Defrauding The Medicaid Program – Nurse has pleaded guilty to stealing from the Medicaid Program by billing for services she never provided to a child Medicaid recipient.

Cortland County Nursing Home Indicted By Grand Jury – Cortland County Nursing Home on charges alleging patient neglect and falsifying medical records.

Company Owner Sentenced To Jail After Trial In Near Death Of Employee – Sentencing of a Bronx company and its owner for reckless endangerment and environmental crimes.

Butcher Gynocologist Neglected Patient’s Tumor (and removed both of her undamaged ovaries and tubes):

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