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Noel Client Testimonial

I was in great shape and used to work out all the time. I could do head stands and literally walk on my hands on the beach. As a fit 55-year-old, I never thought that I would go from feeling great to falling apart. But on that fateful day, I had taken the subway train and gotten off at 59th Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. As I was walking along the sidewalk, I was hit in the back of my neck and shoulder by a huge chuck of ice and went down like a ton of bricks to the ground. I did not know what hit me, but I knew that I could not get up. I was in excruciating pain, and I was just trying to avoid getting hit by all the ice that was coming off that building as I was laying on the sidewalk. Someone called an ambulance, and they rushed me to the hospital.

Afterwards, I found myself struggling with physical pain, emotional distress because I could not work, and mounting medical bills. Before my fall, I worked full-time as a taper for a construction company here in New York City. But afterwards, I could not even stand up, never mind working taping and painting. My doctors were telling me that I needed multiple surgeries including a major spinal surgery. In addition, I had permanent neck pain and limited range of motion. I could no longer do any of the things that I loved to do before this accident like playing soccer, riding my bicycle, or acrobatics on the beach. I was in pain all the time with no relief in sight.

Fortunately, I had my lawyer and his dedicated legal team at Michael Gunzburg, P.C. on my side. He kept telling me, focus on my recovery, and let us focus on your legal case. He gave me great advice and helped me make important decisions about my medical care and my case. It was always about me, and that is what I loved so much about my lawyers.

Throughout the case, the building owner denied that they had any notice of the falling ice. As it turned out, my legal team – through hard work and diligence- uncovered the truth. That the Building owners knew about the falling ice for years, and even agreed to correct it, but in the end did nothing. My lawyers helped me get the compensation that I needed to cover my medical expenses, surgeries, rehabilitation, and lost wages. I cannot tell you how great my lawyers were on this case, that in the end everything came together for me and my case. It was like all the stars in the sky lined up for me and my case, like God himself meant it be. If you want the stars to line up in your case, you should contact Michael Gunzburg, P.C. asap.

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