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Josh’s Client Review

I found myself lying in a pool of blood in front of the NY Public Library on 5th Avenue surrounded by a group of people. Slowly, everything came back to me in a terrifying realization: I had been nearly killed when a Transit Bus almost ran me over. Physically and emotionally injured and not knowing exactly where to turn, I decided to consult with New York City Bicycle Lawyer MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C. I was immediately impressed by the fact that MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., “had dealt with the MTA before and was asking for a contingency legal fee of only 1/3 – if and only if we won the case.” I ultimately chose MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., to represent me; in hindsight, I am very glad that I made that decision.

From the beginning of our relationship, “Michael and his team were very helpful in explaining to me what was involved and what would happen in moving forward through the legal process.” I did not know much about legal matters when I first met Michael; after working with him, however, I felt more informed about my case. “The overall process was enlightening and interesting. It helped me understand the law….” Throughout the legal proceedings, MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., “did an outstanding job; he knew what he was talking about and how to present a case.” Looking back, I am astounded not only by the extensive legal experience that MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., brought to my lawsuit but also by his willingness to help me understand every step of my case.

Additionally, “the personal attention given to me during the whole process was really wonderful. It made me feel special, like I was the only case he had at the moment when I am sure he had many at the time.” For instance, throughout our time together, MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., corresponded with me consistently and frequently. “He was great; he was always answering emails, phone calls, and even Gchats. If I had questions, he always had answers.” MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., never failed to show me compassion and understanding, qualities which alleviated some of the emotional burden of trying my case.

If I had to express what I liked about MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., I would have to say, “everything…. He is trustworthy, supportive, considerate, and straight-forward,” and unlike many other law firms in today’s age, he is “not just out to gain money.” MICHAEL GUNZBURG, P.C., efficiently and competently represented me; I’m sure he could and would do the same for you.

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