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Queens is the largest borough in New York City geographically and the second most populous, after Brooklyn. On top of the borough’s more than two and a quarter million residents, thousands flock to Queens every year to visit Flushing Meadows, see the Mets play at Citi Field, or attend the US Open tennis tournament. Of course, millions of people come in and out of Queens year-round via JFK and La Guardia airports.

The risk of personal injury in Queens is high, whether the injury occurs in a car, bus or train accident, slip and fall injury, medical malpractice at a Queens hospital, or an injury at one of the thousands of active construction sites in Queens. If you get seriously hurt in Queens due to the negligence of another party, the law firm of Michael Gunzburg, P.C. is here to help. Our team takes on the biggest cases and recovers significant compensation for our clients. We strive to provide outstanding personal service and get the best results so that you are cared for immediately following the accident and long after. Call our office for a free consultation to find out how we can help you and get started recovering compensation on your Queens personal injury claim.

How Much Is My Queens Personal Injury Case Worth?

Damages in a Queens personal injury case include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Medical bills can include all the costs you incurred for doctor visits or hospital stays, as well as any medical costs for the future you are likely to incur because of the injury. Lost wages cover the time you missed from work due to the injury as well as future diminished earning capacity if the accident left you permanently or partially disabled. All of these damages can generally be calculated with a fair degree of certainty based on doctors’ reports and other evidence.

Damages for pain and suffering are harder to pin down and vary from case to case. Often, we will get together with the insurance company and assign a number to calculate damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring and disfigurement, etc. The number, usually between one and five, represents how severe the injuries are and how much they are likely to impact your life. This number is then multiplied by the economic damages described above to come up with an amount for pain and suffering. This is only one way to calculate pain and suffering damages. If your case goes to a jury instead of settling out of court, the amount could be considerably higher.

If the negligent party acted especially recklessly, punitive damages might be appropriate, as well. Punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant and vary depending on how bad the conduct was and the resources the defendant has. Punitive damages are harder to prove and require more effort to obtain, but we don’t shrink from seeking punitive damages in appropriate cases and always strive to get the best result for you we can.

Insurance companies will try to get out of paying what they owe by disputing or downplaying your injuries and damages. For example, they will claim that you are not as seriously injured as you claim, or they will say your injuries were pre-existing or caused by some other accident the insurer is not responsible for. At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., our experienced attorney and legal team take the time to document your injuries and build a strong case that proves your damages. Whether negotiating a settlement or taking your case to court, we marshal the facts and present the legal arguments that justify a significant monetary award on your behalf.

What Compensation Is Available for Wrongful Death in Queens?

In the case of a fatal injury, New York allows for certain family members to sue and recover compensation for the financial harm and losses caused by the wrongful death. Family members who can bring a wrongful death include the surviving spouse, children, parents, or others who depended on the deceased for support. The damages they can recover include all of the following:

  • Medical expenses related to the injury
  • Burial and funeral expenses
  • The value of lost household services
  • The loss of future income
  • The loss of access to healthcare or other benefits
  • The loss of parental training and guidance

New York’s wrongful death law doesn’t allow compensation for the pain and suffering experienced by the surviving family members, but they can recover damages for the conscious pain and suffering experienced by the deceased before death, including pre-impact terror experienced before a fatal crash. These money damages can further help the family cope with the loss of a loved one while achieving some measure of justice by holding the responsible party accountable for the harm they caused.

Call Attorney Michael Gunzburg After a Personal Injury in Queens

If you or a loved one were hurt in a Queens car accident, medical malpractice injury or other personal injury or accident, call Michael Gunzburg, P.C. for a free consultation about your claim. We only charge a fee after we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf.

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