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New York City Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in a motor vehicle accident, it is critical that you first seek proper medical attention before attending to anything else. An experienced car accident lawyer will tell you that there is nothing more important than your health and safety. Aside from ensuring your health and the well being of others, this also helps to document the injuries you and your passengers sustained as a result of the accident. As motor vehicle accident Attorneys, we suggest that you take notes to preserve details of what occurred and help you remember well after the accident is over. Contact New York car accident lawyer Michael Gunzburg for a free consultation today.

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A good motor vehicle accident attorney will tell you, it is also important to take photographs of the accident scene, damages caused to the vehicles and other property, and the physical injuries to you and your family. After the accident, it is important that you contact an experienced attorney right away. At our offices you will be able to speak with an experience and knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney who will be able to provide you with the proper guidance, counseling and advice you will need as you move forward with your claim.

As a motor vehicle accident law firm, we recommend that if you are hit by another vehicle on a deserted road, be cautious about getting out of your car, as there are reported incidents of criminals purposely hitting cars in order to rob or assault the occupants. It is better to drive to the nearest police station or public area to call for assistance.

After an accident, you should try to obtain the license plate numbers of all vehicles involved in the incident, the names and description of drivers, their telephone numbers, and their insurance information. It is also helpful to note the location and extent of your physical injuries and the pain you are experiencing. You should note the location of any medical centers and doctors that treated your injuries, and keep receipts for all treatment, medications and other accident-related costs. Any information you have recorded in regards to the accident will be of much assistance to a law firm in assessing whether your claim is viable.

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If the accident involves a truck, you should note any signs on the truck trailer and tractor. This information may prove important in determining liability. You can also speak directly to a truck accident lawyer. A truck accident lawyer can guide you along the road as your case works its way through the court system. Do not apologize for anything regarding the accident, as any apology may be used later as evidence of legal fault. You should call your insurance company as soon as possible to notify them of the accident. Additionally, you should call a truck accident, a trailer accident or a tractor trailer accident lawyer to help determine the validity of your claim.

You should continue to take notes and keep track of the progress of treatment for your injuries or the injuries of minors or others who are unable to do so themselves. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident to which law enforcement responded, you are entitled to receive a copy of the police report. You should obtain the police report, as it contains important information regarding the scene of the accident, including weather conditions, time of day, date, the specific location and possibly the names and contact telephone numbers of witnesses. Your lawyer will need this report to process your case file. A police report may also contain important information regarding the officer’s preliminary assessment of fault. This information may prove important when dealing with the insurance carrier.

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Be careful not to represent yourself or agree to settlement terms without discussing the matter with a motor vehicle accident or a truck accident attorney. There are statutory time constraints for bringing your case and thus it is advisable to seek the counsel of an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer who can advise you regarding how to proceed with your case as soon as possible. In New York State, you may have only 30 days to file a Notice of Claim for No Fault Benefits in connection with a motor vehicle accident.

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