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Freshman Hazing

Hazing, a term often associated with fraternity and sorority initiations, in fact occurs in many different social contexts where people are first developing relationships and endeavoring to form a group identity. Hazing is frequently misconceived as harmless mischief. An experienced hazing attorney knows better. Increasingly, however, there has been a focus on the widespread abuses, as well as the debilitating and life-threatening consequences of hazing, not only at the collegiate level, but in secondary schools, athletic teams, student organizations and the military. According to journalists, hazing has been associated with more than 50 deaths in college fraternities and results in at least one death each year.

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Freshman Hazing is not merely harmless harassment; it has devastating physical and psychological consequences. As a hazing law firm, we understand what occurs in these unfortunate situations, and we are here to help you. Often, schools, universities and organizations put up barriers to prevent hazing incidents from being appropriately investigated. People traumatized by the harassment are portrayed as wimps if they cannot endure what many unfortunately consider routine practices for formation of group cohesiveness. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a hazing accident you should contact a hazing accident law firm as soon as possible. If you call us, you will be able to speak with a hazing accident lawyer who will provide you with the guidance, counseling and advise you need to move your claim

While some people blame the victims for participating in such activities, the peer pressure to conform is so intense that refusing to consent is no option. Additionally, many hazing participants are unaware of what the pledging and/or hazing process will entail. An experienced hazing lawyer knows that such activities are downplayed by their participants. Nevertheless, the harassment lawyer can help. Hazing that occurs at the high school level may be particularly troubling to parents because their teenagers are at a vulnerable developmental stage which reinforces their need to fit in. The knowledgeable hazing law firm will investigate these very disturbing situations to help pursue your claim.

Hazing must be revealed for the mental and physical abuse and humiliation it truly invokes. The actions that pledges and rookies are forced to undertake and endure often violate human dignity and are a breeding ground for the perpetration of further violence and human rights abuses in this country and worldwide.

Have you or your child been victim to any form of freshman hazing? Contact us for a free consultation on your freshman hazing case today!

For further information on hazing, please visit our links page. Learn your rights, and get the compensation you deserve with a hazing law firm.

Michael Gunzburg is a New York Freshman Hazing Attorney serving the New York Metropolitan area, including New York City, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and Orange County.

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