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Failure to Diagnose Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is malignant cancer of the cervical area that can be tricky to treat and diagnose. It’s common to have no symptoms at all in the early stages so it’s important to have a savvy doctor who can detect it even before you do. An early diagnosis increases your chances for survival, allowing you to receive care while it’s in a treatable stage.

If your cervical cancer was diagnosed too late, you need experienced help fast! At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., our team of Manhattan uterine cancer misdiagnosis lawyers is dedicated to helping the victims of medical malpractice obtain the justice they deserve and the most compensation available for their claim. We’ve helped scores of clients recover million-dollar personal injury settlements when their doctors misdiagnosed their illnesses.

Have you or someone you know suffered from cervical cancer because of a delayed diagnosis? If so, contact our New York City cervical cancer misdiagnosis attorney at Michael Gunzburg, P.C., today.

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How To Prevent Cervical Cancer

If you suspect you’re at risk but have not acquired the disease, there is a key preventative measure you can take. Get an HPV vaccine from your doctor. HPV is the single highest contributing cause to cervical cancer, and fortunately you can prevent it if you take this proactive step. You can also put down those cigarettes. Cigarette smoking has been linked to increased risk of getting cervical cancer. Just one more reason to kick the habit and improve your health!

Following HPV and smoking, The American Cancer Society lists the most common risk factors for cervical cancer as: HIV infection, chlamydia infection, dietary factors, hormonal contraception, multiple pregnancies, exposure to the hormonal drug diethylstilbestrol (DES) and a family history of cervical cancer. Chemotherapy, radiation and a hysterectomy are common procedures used to combat this type of cancer. But these are extreme measures and if you catch it in time, you can avoid the trauma that will result from going through any procedure.

What To Do After A Delayed Diagnosis Of Cervical Cancer

Fortunately, the development of cervical cancer is very slow and if detected during an annual Pap smear, it is 100% treatable. Most women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer fail to get Pap smears or simply don’t follow up if they receive abnormal test results. That’s a tragic mistake because patients with cervical cancer do not usually have problems until the cancer is advanced and has spread. Loss of appetite, pelvic and back pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, bone fractures and having a single swollen leg are all potential indicators of the disease.

A delayed diagnosis of cervical cancer can be largely prevented by you if you make sure to get regular exams. But what if you can’t get regular exams or your doctor has overlooked it? If you’ve been the victim of a delayed diagnosis for cervical cancer, don’t delay any further. A brief consultation with our experienced team of New York cervical cancer attorneys can bring you the relief that you need. Come to the attorneys who put the human element back in the law. We are New Yorkers with families of our own. We understand that your circumstance affects everyone around you, and we will fight to bring the largest recovery to you and your family.

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