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New York City Child Medical Malpractice Lawyer

In 1999 the Institute of Medicine prepared a report on medical malpractice called “To Err is Human,” which is an appropriate title given their shocking findings. It found that medical errors account for between 44,000-98,000 deaths every year, costing us as a nation between $17-29 billion dollars annually. These estimates placed medical errors as the eighth leading cause of death in the USA, far higher than car accidents and breast cancer rates. That was almost ten years ago on a national average. Current medical malpractice rates still hover at high numbers. So high, that in New York State alone, former Governor Elliot Spitzer formed a task force with representatives of all the major interest groups to address the underlying causes of high medical malpractice insurance costs. Because the definition of medical malpractice is fairly loose and open to interpretation, many cases fall under the heading of medical malpractice. The most basic definition is “professional negligence by a healthcare professional that causes an injury.”

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As experienced Child Medical Malpractice Lawyers, we know how far this definition can be interpreted and when you are in the right and health care providers are in the wrong. We can help you secure the most money that you are entitled to.

We will evaluate your claim and help bring some comfort to you and your family during a difficult time.

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Doctors and nurses can be held liable for a variety of reasons including: not warning you of potential risks associated with surgeries and medicines, improperly treating you or operating on the wrong area. Even the best-intentioned doctors can be held liable when things go wrong. Back in the 1950’s Dr. Sweet, a world famous physician, was the chief neurosurgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital. He wanted to help terminally ill patients who were afflicted with brain tumors, so he conducted a medical experiment, known as boron neutron capture therapy. The experiment was approved in advance and patients optimistically agreed to undergo his experimental treatment. Unfortunately, the radiation therapy injured their healthy brain tissue as well as their tumors and ultimately all of the patients died. The plaintiffs sued Dr. Sweet, claiming that he had warned them of risks but not that the experiment was unproven and had no reasonable chance of success. The jury found in favor of the plaintiffs and against Dr. Sweet for $4,750,000. As Child Medical Malpractice Lawyers, we helped to secure a $20 million structured settlement on behalf of a family and their infant child who was born brain damaged with Cerebral Palsy when their New York City doctor botched the delivery.

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One of the best things that you can do if your child is the victim of medical malpractice, is keep a log of everything that happened during the time of the accident and the days that follow. You can also get a second medical opinion, not relying on the very doctor or health-care worker in question to determine your fate. You already know that medical malpractice takes an economic and emotional toll on its victims. Excessive time off from work to care for an injured child can result in the loss of a substantial amount of money. A family may become distraught with the toll that grief can take. Our experienced team of children’s medical malpractice lawyers can help you sort out your claim based on the emotional and economic components of your situation. We can also help you secure the maximum compensation available under the law.

If your child has been injured as a result of medical malpractice and you’re unsure who is to blame and what your rights are, let our experienced team of children’s medical malpractice lawyers counsel you on your legal rights. We stay current with New York’s medical malpractice laws and can educate you on your legal rights. Let us bring our experience as Child Medical Malpractice Lawyers to work for you and your family during this challenging time in your life.

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