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New York City Right Turn on Red Accident Lawyer

Historically, New York City had some of the strictest limits in the United States on drivers making right-hand turns at a red light. While most jurisdictions freely allowed such turns except where barred by specific signage, New York City banned such turns outright. This was considered a necessary safety rule to protect pedestrians on the city’s densely populated streets.

In 2024, however, New York City adopted new rules that loosen this ban. Unfortunately, we are likely to see an increase in accidents as a result. Our New York City right turn on red accident lawyers are here to help if you, or someone in your family, is injured in such a collision. Michael Gunzburg, P.C., is a New York personal injury law firm with a 37-year track record of assisting injured motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who have been hurt through the careless and illegal actions of drivers.

How Will New York City’s New Right-Turn-on-Right Rules Affect You?

Even under New York City’s new, more “relaxed” approach to right turns on red, individual drivers are still responsible for operating their vehicles in a safe manner at all times. This means they can still be held liable if they hit someone while attempting to execute a legal right turn on red. And such turns may still constitute a traffic violation in certain cases.

To break down the new rules more precisely, here is what all New York City drivers and pedestrians need to know:

  • A right turn on red is only permitted at an intersection where there is a “Right Turn on Red Allowed” sign with an arrow pointing to the right.
  • A driver must still come to a complete stop at the red light before attempting a right turn.
  • A driver must still yield the right of way to any pedestrians in a crosswalk or to other vehicles in the intersection.
  • A driver must still obey any other traffic signs governing the intersection, including those that say “No Turn on Red.”

Although New York is a no-fault state when it comes to traffic accidents, that does not mean a driver who makes an illegal right turn on red and hits someone is off the hook. A victim who sustains a “serious injury” as defined by state law can step outside of the no-fault system and sue a negligent driver for the full amount of their accident-related losses. And proof that the driver made an illegal or ill-advised right turn at a red light is often sufficient proof of that driver’s liability for causing the accident.

Our New York City Right Turn on Red Accident Lawyers Are Prepared to Support You

While New York City officials believe that the new right-turn-on-red rules will promote better traffic flow and safety, it is important to remain vigilant. And if you are hit by a driver who does not understand–or simply does not follow–the revised rules, remember that you can always seek legal advice and representation from a New York City right turn on red accident lawyer. Call Michael Gunzburg, P.C., at 212-725-8500 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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