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New York City Police Chase Accident Lawyer

For decades, movies and television shows have portrayed police chases as exciting action set pieces. Even in real life, many of us are riveted to news footage of the police chasing a suspect down the highway. But we often stop to consider how dangerous these chases actually are–not just for the police and the person they are chasing, but also for innocent bystanders.

It may not get much public attention, but the reality is that people are often seriously injured or killed during police chases. Legal responsibility for such deaths may fall on the suspect, the police, or both sides. If you or someone in your family has been a victim, an experienced New York City police chase accident lawyer can investigate your case and help you figure out who can be held legally–and financially–accountable for your losses. Michael Gunzburg, P.C., is a dedicated New York personal injury law firm that has been representing clients since 1987.

Who Is Legally Responsible: the Fleeing Suspect or the NYPD?

Police chases occur when a person suspected of committing a crime attempts to flee law enforcement in their vehicle. Given their motive is to escape, these suspects typically do not stop to consider the potential impact their actions will have on other drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders who stand in their way. Consequently, a fleeing suspect’s reckless driving is often a proximate cause of an accident.

But the police may also be responsible for an accident as well. While the NYPD can lawfully pursue a suspect through the city streets, there are certain department protocols and procedures that need to be followed. If an officer ignores these protocols–say they disobey a direct order from the supervisor to discontinue a chase–both that officer and the city may be responsible for any third-party bystanders who are injured or killed.

At the same time, bringing a civil lawsuit against the NYPD and New York City is no simple matter. All government agencies, including the police, have certain legal protections from lawsuits. It is possible to step outside these protections, but doing so requires the accident victim to understand and follow certain procedures. For example, if you are injured in a police chase accident, you typically need to present a claim for compensation to the city within 90 days of the accident. This is a mandatory precondition to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Additionally, New York’s no-fault insurance rules still apply to accidents arising from a police chase. This means that if you suffered relatively minor injuries and losses, your own insurance carrier is still expected to pay for your damages.

Reach Out to Our New York City Police Chase Accident Lawyers

Getting caught up in a real-life police chase is often a scary and traumatic experience, which can be made all the more worse if you are directly injured by the fleeing suspect or a police officer. If you want to learn more about your legal rights following such an event, our New York City police chase accident lawyer is here to help. Call Michael Gunzburg, P.C., at 212-725-8500 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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