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New York City MTA Accident Lawyer

There are many lifelong New Yorkers who have never owned a car or even obtained a driver’s license. This is because New York City has what is likely the largest public transportation network in the United States. So for many commuters, it is simply easier to take a train, bus, or subway to work than risk getting into an accident driving their own vehicle.

Of course, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) does not have a perfect safety record. Accidents can and do happen while riding public transit, in many cases due to the negligence of MTA employees. When that happens, the injured victims have certain legal rights when it comes to seeking compensation for their injuries and other financial losses. A skilled New York City MTA accident lawyer can review your case and advise you on a course of action. Michael Gunzburg, P.C., is a New York personal injury firm with nearly four decades of experience in helping accident victims fight for their rights.

What Are the Most Common Types of MTA Accidents in New York City?

Anytime there is a vehicle designed to move people, it can also seriously injure or kill people when not operated in a safe manner. And given the enormous number of vehicles operated and maintained by the MTA, agency employees need to exercise special care in taking reasonable steps to avoid accidents that can lead to mass-casualty events. Some common examples of MTA accidents include:

  • Bus Accidents: A bus collides with another vehicle due to the bus driver’s negligence. Such collisions can prove particularly dangerous for passengers who have to stand if the bus is full. Additionally, the MTA may be liable for accidents that occur while a passenger is boarding or disembarking for a bus.
  • Subway Accidents: While crashes involving subway trains are rare, there are a number of other safety hazards within the subway system that can lead to a serious accident. For example, a broken stair or escalator may cause a passenger to trip, fall, and sustain serious injuries. Passengers can also be hurt if a subway train suddenly stops due to a mechanical breakdown brought about by faulty maintenance practices.
  • Train Accidents: Passengers in above-ground trains are susceptible to the same types of accidents and injuries as people riding the subway. So if you are injured while riding Metro-North, the Long Island Rail Road, or a PATH train, you may have a claim against the MTA for damages.

Let Our New York City MTA Accident Lawyers Help You Today

Suing the MTA is often more complicated than filing a personal injury claim against a private business or corporation. This is because New York’s sovereign immunity rules protect the MTA from certain types of claims. And even when an MTA accident victim can sue for damages, they typically need to strictly follow certain procedures to avoid having their case thrown out of court.

This is why you should always work with an experienced New York City MTA accident lawyer following an accident on public transit. Call Michael Gunzburg, P.C., at 212-725-8500 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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