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New York City Bicycle Bridge Accident Lawyer

In New York City, there are 16 bridges that allow bicycles. This affords bicyclists multiple options when traveling to and from Manhattan and other parts of the five boroughs. But even on bridges with dedicated bicycle lanes, there is still a significant risk of death or serious injury to a bicyclist as they interact with other cyclists, motorists, and even pedestrians on these often narrow passageways.

If you have been injured while riding your bicycle on the George Washington, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, Broadway, or any other bridge, it is important that you seek out qualified legal advice regarding your right to seek compensation from the parties who caused your crash. Our New York City bicycle bridge accident lawyer is ready and willing to help. Michael Gunzburg, P.C., is a personal injury firm with nearly 37 years of experience in helping bicycle accident victims deal with negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

What Makes New York City’s Bridges Especially Dangerous for Bicyclists?

When riding over a bridge, bicyclists obviously face the same risks from motorists as they do on any other street in New York City. Motorists who are speeding, driving recklessly, or operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs place bicyclists at significant risk of a collision. These risks are heightened on bridges that lack dedicated bicycle lanes, forcing bicyclists to share the narrower bridge lanes with much larger cars or trucks.

But even those bridges that have dedicated lanes or paths separating bicycles from vehicular traffic carry substantial risks. Only the risk comes from other bicyclists, pedestrians, and especially smaller motorized vehicles like mopeds. While unregistered mopeds are not allowed on New York City bridges, many of these scooter operators ignore the law and ride their vehicles down a bridge’s bicycle path. And this puts bicyclists who are lawfully on the bridge in danger.

Sorting out legal and insurance liability for a bicycle accident on a New York City bridge can also be quite complicated. For instance, if a bicyclist is hit by a negligent driver, then that motorist’s no-fault coverage must pay for a portion of the bicyclist’s medical bills and lost wages up to $50,000. But no-fault does not cover accidents involving other bicycles or mopeds. In those cases, the injured bicyclist will likely have to file a separate personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties. (In the case of a moped driver who is making deliveries, for instance, their employer can be held vicariously liable for causing an accident with a bicycle.)

Contact Our New York City Bicycle Bridge Accident Lawyers

If you are ever involved in an accident while traveling on a New York City bridge, try to get out of traffic as quickly as possible and call 911. Even if you think you are okay, you should still go to the emergency room or seek medical treatment for your regular doctor. And if you have sustained any injuries and need legal advice from a qualified New York City bicycle bridge accident lawyer, call Michael Gunzburg, P.C., at 212-725-8500 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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