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Physicians Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Physicians Hospital opened in 1935 in Jackson Heights with nine doctors on staff. By the 1990s, Physicians Hospital had changed its name before encountering financial difficulties. Ultimately, the hospital shut its doors. We count Physicians Hospital as one of the many “lost” hospitals in New York City’s history. Developers tore down the hospital and built a school at the location.

Call Michael Gunzburg, P.C., if you were injured at any hospital in New York City. Our law firm has the tools patients need to uncover whether they are victims of medical negligence. A Physicians Hospital medical malpractice lawyer can review your medical records and discuss treatment you received. You might have the ability to sue for financial compensation.

We Have Won Many Malpractice Case

We file medical malpractice cases on behalf of injured patients for medical errors or omissions:

  • Failure to correctly diagnose a medical condition, including cancer or heart attack
  • Emergency room mistakes
  • Surgical errors, including incision errors
  • Anesthesia malpractice
  • Delayed C-section and birthing injuries
  • Medication errors, including overdose
  • Hospital infections and septic shock
  • Failure to obtain informed consent

Errors like these end up harming patients who end up sicker. For example, if a doctor diagnosed cancer at an early stage, you could have cured it with surgery or radiation. Because of a delayed diagnosis, however, the cancer spreads to distant sites, and you need more radical medical treatment. It’s also possible a patient dies from the disease.

Injured patients usually have other losses caused by the medical mistake, including lost income. As they recover at home, injured patients cannot work, so their finances nosedive. A settlement should also include compensation for emotional distress, embarrassment, bodily pain, and loss of enjoyment of life. We have won millions for our clients in these types of malpractice cases.

Our attorneys have helped all sorts of clients, from those injured by relatively “minor” medical errors to surviving family members who lost a loved one due to a fatal mistake. We will do everything in our power to obtain the most compensation from the hospital or doctor that New York law allows.

Strong Legal Representation for Patients and Their Families from Our Physicians Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Physicians Hospital no longer exists, so it is unlikely you were injured there. Instead, you probably received care from a different New York City hospital. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter—so long as a doctor or hospital in NYC agreed to treat you, they should have provided quality care. You likely have a legal case if they didn’t meet this standard.

Michael Gunzburg, P.C., stands head and shoulders above other New York City malpractice lawyers. We are a boutique firm which is selective about the cases we accept. This approach allows us to dedicate full-time resources and attention to our clients. But we bring the same high-powered representation on behalf of our clients as other Big Injury law firms provide.

Ready to learn more? Call our law firm today to speak with a Physicians Hospital medical malpractice lawyer about your case in a free consultation.

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