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Peninsula Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Founded in 1908, the Peninsula Hospital went through many name changes over the years, including Rockaway Beach Hospital and Peninsula General Hospital. At its peak, the hospital had 170 beds providing acute care. In 2012, the hospital closed and is now operated as Peninsula Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which provides 24-hour skilled nursing and dialysis services.

If you were injured at Peninsula, you could have a valid legal claim for malpractice. These are tough cases to win. Both the hospital and doctors will defend themselves aggressively. They know a lot of money might be on the line, and they intend not to pay a dime to injured patients.  You need an experienced Peninsula Hospital medical malpractice lawyer by your side. Call Michael Gunzburg, P.C.

The Role of a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice is a variety of negligence. Professionals, including doctors and nurses, injure patients when they fail to use sufficient skill when providing treatment. A hospital which employs doctors and nurses is also legally liable for their employees’ negligence.

A lawyer wears many hats in a case:

  1. Investigation and analysis. You might not know what happened. For example, a loved one in the nursing home could have bruises all over their body. We will investigate, speak to witnesses, and basically try to find out what is going on. We can then analyze whether your claim has legal merit.
  2. Case building. A malpractice case requires working with experts to fully understand the correct standard of care and how your medical team fell short. We use medical records and other exhibits in support of our case. Experts have deep experience in medicine and can pinpoint errors in your treatment.
  3. Treatment coordination. If you have a loved one in the nursing home, we can work to get them moved to someplace safer. We can also recommend a doctor to meet with to document injuries.
  4. Negotiation. We often settle our cases successfully against the defendants, by showing how they were negligent. We also prove the losses our clients have suffered. For example, negligence can result in additional medical care being needed.
  5. Litigation. We can file a lawsuit in New York court against the doctor, hospital, and any other defendants. There are tight deadlines to meet, otherwise you can lose your legal rights. Litigation is an extensive process involving evidence sharing, called “discovery.” We can handle depositions of your medical team and prepare you for a deposition if the defense requests one.

Let us describe our experience in this field. Our team has won cases other firms would never accept, including a $20 million structured settlement for one client injured by substandard medical care.

Have Questions? Call Our Peninsula Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyers Today

Anyone injured at Peninsula should call our law office. We’ll ask some basic questions to get a better handle on what happened, and you can even come in to raise any concerns. Our goal is to win your case and hold the hospital accountable. Reach out to our Peninsula Hospital medical malpractice lawyers to find out more.

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