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Montefiore Wakefield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Montefiore is a hospital nationally recognized for breaking new ground in research and delivering care that is patient-centered and science-driven. The facility has even been ranked among the top hospitals in New York, and in the country by U.S. News & World Report. Much of the care they deliver is done at the Montefiore Wakefield campus.

Even with the recognition, this does not mean that the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in this facility always deliver the standard of care they should. Healthcare professionals in Montefiore Wakefield are sometimes negligent and cause serious injuries to patients. If you have been hurt, our Montefiore Wakefield medical malpractice lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your injuries and other losses.

Did a Montefiore Wakefield Employee Cause Your Injuries?

Determining whether Montefiore Wakefield is liable for your injuries is a complex matter. The facility is only liable if one of their employees acted negligently. While nurses and many other medical professionals are typically employees of the facilities at which they work, doctors often are not. If a doctor at Montefiore Wakefield is responsible for your injuries, you must first determine if they are an employee. Only if they are can you file a claim against the facility.

Was an Employee of Montefiore Wakefield Negligent?

If a doctor is an employee, or another employee, caused your injuries, you must then determine if negligence was the cause. Doctors and other medical professionals are not always liable for unfavorable results. They are only liable for paying compensation if they breached the duty of care. This duty of care is a very high level for all healthcare professionals, and they must provide it at all times. Breaching a duty of care means the medical professional acted negligently and caused your injuries.

For example, if a doctor employed by Montefiore Wakefield took a full medical history from you, but you failed to tell them you were allergic to a medication they prescribed, the doctor would not be responsible for any negative reaction you had. This is because you had neglected to tell them about your allergy previously. On the other hand, if you did tell the doctor about the allergy and they prescribed the medication anyway, that is an act of negligence that could result in the doctor being liable.

Deadline for Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

If you are eligible to file a claim against the Montefiore Wakefield campus, you only have 2.5 years to do so. This is the statute of limitations, and if this time limit expires, you are ineligible to file a claim or obtain any compensation at all. It is important to speak to a lawyer right away when filing any claim so they can conduct an investigation and get started on your case right away.

Do Not Wait to Call Our Montefiore Wakefield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you were injured at Montefiore Wakefield, you may have a right to compensation. At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., our Montefiore Wakefield medical malpractice lawyer will file your claim right away and ensure no mistakes are made that may delay or reduce your compensation. Call us today at 212-725-8500 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to get more information.

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