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Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Long Island Jewish Forest Hills was opened on August 13, 1953 and is located in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. The facility is a teaching hospital within the Northwell Health hospital network. Opened initially as Forest Hills General Hospital, the facility was forced to close in November 1963 when a Blue Cross billing scheme was brought to light by a former employee. Over the years, the hospital was the subject of many scandals, and went by many names. It was not until 2016 that it obtained the name Long Island Jewish Forest Hills.

The checkered past of the hospital has sadly not left the facility. Today, the hospital has been the subject of medical malpractice claims from injured patients. If you or someone you love has been hurt, you may be entitled to compensation. Below, our Long Island Jewish Forest Hills medical malpractice lawyer explains the laws that may apply to your case.

The Statute of Limitations

The majority of medical malpractices in New York have a statute of limitations of 30 months, or two and a half years. This is the amount of time you have to file your claim. If the statute of limitations expires before you are able to file your claim, you will lose your legal right to claim any compensation at all. There are some limitations to the statute of limitations, but they are limited. These exceptions are as follows:

  • The discovery rule: It is not always possible to detect medical malpractice right away. For example, if a doctor at Long Island Jewish Forest Hills failed to diagnose you with cancer, it could take some time before the disease progresses and you realize you were misdiagnosed the first time. In these cases, you have two and a half years from the date you discovered, or should have discovered, the malpractice.
  • Minor children: Minor children do not have the legal capacity to take legal action on their own. As such, the statute of limitations in these cases is delayed until 30 months from the child’s 18th birthday.
  • Foreign objects: When medical malpractice involves a foreign object being left inside the body cavity during surgery, the statute of limitations starts one year after discovering the object.

The Certificate of Merit

All medical malpractice cases in New York require a certificate of merit.  This certificate is a statement from a healthcare worker in a similar field that states medical negligence did occur. Certificates of merit are not easy for malpractice victims to obtain, particularly when they are recovering from serious injuries. Our medical malpractice lawyer works closely with a network of experts to obtain these certificates, as well as expert testimony.

Our Long Island Jewish Forest Hills Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Prove Your Case

Proving medical malpractice is never easy. At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., our Long Island Jewish Forest Hills medical malpractice lawyer can prove negligence resulted in your injuries and accurately value your claim so you obtain the maximum settlement that is rightfully yours. Call us now at 212-725-8500 or chat with us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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