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Hospital for Special Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawyer

New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery is known for its expertise in orthopedic and rheumatologic surgeries, and has been in existence for well over a century. Despite the accolades of many of its surgeons, the hospital, nor its staff, is immune from making errors. If your operation did not go as planned, if you were not made aware of the risks, or if a loved one lost their life, there may be grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Hospital for Special Surgery medical malpractice lawyer Michael Gunzburg, P.C. has 37 years of experience holding doctors and hospitals accountable for their errors, and is here to help you do the same

Common Surgical Errors

  • Leaving behind objects within the patient–Surgical sponges, clamps, and other tools and objects that are not removed before closing a patient up can not only require additional surgeries, but they can cause serious harm, and even death.
  • Anesthesia errors–Anesthesiologists are tasked with keeping a patient under during certain surgeries, or simply numbing the sensation in others. They walk a fine line between giving a patient too little and too much medication. Too little and the patient can wake up during surgery, or experience severe pain during an awake surgery. Too much can cause brain damage and death.
  • Nerve damage–Nerve damage can occur when a surgeon makes an error with a surgical blade, places too much pressure on the spinal cord, or uses another tool improperly.
  • Cutting a major artery–The blades surgeons use are as sharp as they are delicate, meaning the slightest mistake can sever vital arteries, causing rapid blood loss and a life threatening condition.
  • Performing the wrong surgery–As crazy as it may seem, hospitals have been known to mix up patients. A patient may be going in for a hip replacement only to have their knee operated on instead. There is absolutely no excuse for a surgeon to make this egregious of an error.
  • Operating on the wrong body part or site–Like mixing up two patients’ surgeries, operating on the wrong body part (or wrong site surgery) is caused by a complete lack of attention and care for the patient.
  • Substandard outcome–Patients undergo hip replacements, ankle reconstruction surgeries, rotator cuff surgeries, and all other types of operations under the impression that they will come out of it better than when they went in. More than that, they expect certain results that improve their lives, their range of motion, their strength, and the ability to do the things they love. A substandard outcome of a knee replacement, for example, may be due to medical incompetence on behalf of the surgeon.

Call a Hospital for Special Surgery Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

It takes months to recover from surgery. The fact that you may have to go under the blade again–or worse yet, never make the recovery you were once promised–because of a surgeon’s mistake, is devastating. Hospital for Special Surgery medical malpractice lawyer Michael Gunzburg, P.C. understands your pain. Call us today at 212-725-8500 to schedule a free consultation.

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