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Booth Memorial Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical errors can happen at any hospital, even Booth Memorial. If you were hurt by a diagnostic error or other mistake, please call Michael Gunzburg, P.C. Our Booth Memorial Hospital medical malpractice lawyer can listen to your story and analyze whether you can maintain a lawsuit. We have obtained tens of millions of dollars for patients negatively impacted by malpractice. You will never know whether you have a strong claim until you speak with an experienced attorney. Find out more about your rights by scheduling a consultation with us today.

What Causes Medical Malpractice?

Our clients are hurt by many different types of medical errors, some involving diagnosis while others happen during surgery.

Errors should be rare. After all, they are preventable if doctors and the hospital do their jobs with sufficient care. Unfortunately, we have attributed most medical errors to:

  • Doctors and nurses work excruciating hours. This is particularly true for those in emergency medicine. The stress and long days can lead to burnout for even the most successful medical provider.
  • Drug use. To get through the day, some staff turn to drugs or alcohol. Some addicts might even steal drugs from patients. Impairments can lead to preventable medical mistakes.
  • Hospitals might not hire enough staff as a cost-cutting measure. Unfortunately, patient care declines, and dangerous mistakes happen because everyone is stretched too thin.
  • Data entry or paperwork mistakes. Entering the wrong information can lead to treatment errors. For example, a doctor might receive the wrong patient’s file and make choices based on the wrong profile.
  • Cost cutting. To save money, a hospital might not replace outdated equipment or could feel pressure to discharge patients early to free up beds.
  • Improper training or supervision. Nurses and other professionals learn on the job. Due to understaffing, however, some supervision is lax.
  • Inadequate sterilization. Hospitals need to respond appropriately to infections. Sadly, many cut corners, which allows infection to run rampant.

How to Win a Malpractice Case

At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., we know how to successfully bring a malpractice case.

We must prove the following elements in New York:

  1. Duty of care. We’ll need to show you were admitted to Booth Memorial or were a doctor’s patient. This creates a duty of care.
  2. Breach of the duty of care. We also must show the defendant did not provide the accepted duty of care. This issue is usually disputed. For example, we might argue a doctor didn’t order a test when they should have, or they were careless in how they performed surgery.
  3. Causation. Whatever injury you suffered must be caused by the defendant’s negligence. For example, a doctor might prescribe the wrong medication. We need to connect this mistake to the stroke you suffered.
  4. Damages. Economic damages include increased medical expenses to correct the medical error, as well as lost income. Noneconomic damages include bodily pain, mental distress, and other losses of that nature.

Call to Speak with a Booth Memorial Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Patients should call an experienced Booth Memorial Hospital medical malpractice lawyer today to begin the claims process.

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