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Sarah’s Client Review

I was driving my VW Jetta that fateful day to work on County Road 537 in New Jersey. I was on my way to the early morning shift as a nurse at the hospital. The road is a two lane highway with one lane in each direction with only a double solid yellow line separating the two lanes. Unbeknownst to me, the road had a long and well documented history of improper drainage, flooding, and the accumulation of black ice from an adjoining field. I found this out after I was violently struck in a head on collision by a commercial pickup truck. The trucker hit a patch of wet and icy road when he swerved over the solid double yellow lines and crashed directly into my Jetta. The adage, “I felt like I was hit by a truck” took on a whole new meaning for me that day. I sustained trauma to my face and left arm. My injuries were so bad, they called in a helicopter to transport me to the emergency room. It was a bit like an out of body experience. I mean as a nurse I help sick people everyday. Now I was the one who needed help. I was eventually diagnosed with a severe broken left wrist, multiple facial factures, and the iris of my left eye was torn. I underwent six different surgeries. I’m glad to say that I made a good recovery and I’m back to work helping my patients everyday. I couldn’t have done it without my lawyer, and Michael Gunzburg was instrumental in helping me on my legal case.

Michael Gunzburg came to me highly recommended by a close friend, an attorney herself. She told us he was a successful accident lawyer. I’m so grateful for that recommendation, it proved invaluable. While I was recovering in the hospital, Michael Gunzburg was busy investigating the accident scene and pulling together all of the photographs and legal documents that proved critical in the successful resolution of my case. He secured the accident and injury photographs, the police report, and pulled together the documentation which proved that the County knew about the dangerous roadway condition and refused to repair it for over a year. Michael Gunzburg was also great at communicating with me and my husband and answering all of our questions. Believe me, we had a lot of questions, and Michael was prompt at responding and fully informative. He also explained to us the legal process, how long it would take, and the ups and downs of the litigation process. Michael Gunzburg also kept us updated as our case progressed by email and telephone. The case settled at mediation but I can honestly say I never expected to every recover as much as I did in the case. I’m very pleased with our decision to use Michael Gunzburg as our lawyer, and I would definitely recommend him to you and your family.

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