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Gladys Client Review

I had pain in my lower abdomen and my doctor told me it was a tumor that could be cancer. It needed to be removed.  That much I knew.  I was worried.  But I had to have the surgery. I love my family, and I didn’t want to leave them.  I had to get rid of it.

I trusted my doctor. I mean he’s a doctor, so I thought he would look after me.  But he didn’t.  I speak mostly Spanish.  I can’t read, write, or speak much English, and my doctor knew that.  But he didn’t do anything to help me understand the form he wanted me to sign.  Most of the form was blank, other than the preprinted statements. My daughter remembers the form being blank too.  What was I to do?  I needed to get rid of the cancer.  No interpreter.  No Spanish form.  So I signed the English consent form. But I would never have signed it if I knew he was going to violate my trust and do what he did.

After the surgery, my doctor told me he removed both of my ovaries and fallopian tubes.  I never agreed to this.  I didn’t understand.  What happened to the tumor with cancer? He said he was going to search for it, find it and remove it from my body. Instead, he castrated me. I knew something was wrong, as I felt worse after the surgery. I kept getting hot flashes, night sweats, and I was feeling horrible. My blouse was constantly soaked, and I couldn’t sleep.  I felt ugly and depressed.  And I couldn’t look at my husband the same way again.  What was wrong with me?  Then my doctor told me that I needed hormone replacements for the rest of my life!  Even today, I’m still on them.  I am not the same woman I was before. He had no right to take away my womanhood.

A few months later I went to another doctor because the pain in my lower abdomen returned.   He told me that the tumor was still inside me, and in fact, it grew in size. He sent me to a surgeon, but this doctor did the right the thing. I had lots of scars on my abdomen after the second surgery, so I needed plastic surgery to repair them. At least I know the tumor is gone and I didn’t have cancer.

One surgery turned into three surgeries all because my doctor didn’t even find the tumor the first time. I wanted more children with my husband.  But my doctor took that away from me.  I felt empty and sad, and I knew what my doctor did was wrong.  I needed help.

I was very fortunate to find medical malpractice attorney Michael Gunzburg. Mr. Gunzburg had lots of experience working with unnecessary surgery cases like mine.  That made me feel much better.  He was also very kind to me throughout my case.  Mr. Gunzburg was nothing like my doctor. Mr. Gunzburg spoke to me directly with the help of an interpreter. He would ask a question, and I would answer it.  He was very straight forward and candid with me. I knew that I came to the right place.

Michael Gunzburg did everything to help me win.  And it paid off.  I settled my case before trial and I was very happy with the resolution. Above all, Mr. Gunzburg helped me see that not everyone is like my doctor.  My doctor was supposed to look after me, but in the end he only looked out for himself.  On the other hand, my lawyer, Michael Gunzburg did everything he said he would do, and more. He helped me a lot by just being there for me every step of the way. The good days and the bad ones too. Trust me, if you have a medical malpractice case, speak to Mr. Gunzburg.  He will help you like he helped me. With kindness, understanding and compassion.

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