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Betty’s Client Review

I was a passenger on a New York City Transit Bus in Queens when my knee was severely injured because of the bus driver’s negligent actions. Michael Gunzburg believed in my case, and helped me recover the maximum amount of money possible. He did a great job representing me at trial, and even handled the appeal too.

Having just boarded the bus, I was standing, holding one of the safety poles when the bus driver violently accelerated forwards, away from the bus stop. The movement was violent, sudden and without warning. The other passengers and I were shocked by the driver’s actions and lack of empathy. I lost my grip on the safety pole and I went down hard to the ground in pain. I immediately started crying out for help but was totally ignored by the driver. I was laid out on the floor, helpless and unable to move, for several minutes. Thankfully, the other passengers saw what happened and several came to my assistance on the bus. One even came to court and testified at trial on my behalf.

The accident caused my right knee to swell up, and I ended up having a complex tear to my lateral meniscus. The accident forced me to have arthroscopic surgery on my knee, and 12 weeks of physical therapy. While overall my condition improved I still have daily pain and limitations on my active lifestyle and which prevent me from caring for my adopted son, and treating my patients. I will also need to undergo future knee replacement surgery.

I really owe my entire legal victory to Michael Gunzburg, who was patient, caring and knowledgeable. He frequently communicated with me, allowing me to convey the complete story of the accident to him without feeling rushed or forgetting any important details. He kept me informed as the case made its way through the court system. He also explained to me the case as it developed through trial and even on appeal.

Michael Gunzburg had a tremendous amount of experience working with bus accidents and fall cases like mine – and he was great. He was able to successfully convince the jury that I should recover damages due to the accident and was instrumental in helping me keep what the jury awarded me. The jury awarded me $1.5m, but the trial judge reduced the award. Michael Gunzburg convinced the Appeals Court to reinstate my award in full. This award helped me with my medical expenses, and ensured that I could afford my much needed future surgery and future medical care too. Michael Gunzburg really carried the day. He made sure that the jury awarded me the compensation that I fairly deserved, and ensured that I kept every penny of it. I would definitely recommend Mr. Gunzburg as an attorney for you and your family without hesitation.

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